1. What is Social Trade ? 
Ans. - Social Trade is an online company, that works on Paid Social Media Exchange Concept and provides part time work opportunities to a common man, From this part time work every user can get daily income by working 30-60 minutes on internet through their computer or mobile .

Q.2. What kind of work does Social Trade offer ? 
Ans. - Presently Social Trade is providing Facebook Page Likes to the users, later we are planning to provide You Tube Likes, Website Visits, Twitter Follow and more. So, Get likes on facebook page and earn money online.

Q. 3. If we have previously liked the page, then what we need to do for credit of the same page?
Ans. – If you are already a fan of the page, you may unlike it and after it you will be eligible for credit.

Q. 4. What plans are available ? 
Ans. - Social Trade offers 4 plans to associate with us, you can click here to view all plans.

Q. 5. How will users receive their daily income? 
Ans. – User will get work income on daily basis, all payments will be made within 1-2 working days to your linked bank account. (10% TDS & 5% Admin Charges will be deducted).

Q. 6. How can we deposit plan fees to the company?
Ans. - You can pay Social Trade plan fees by payment gateway or net banking that are integrated in the website during registration.