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Now get paid by working on Facebook and other social media platforms.

India's First Social Media Exchange Company(More about Company), Which helps their client to get as much traffic on their website (filtered/customized as per client needs), Clients can choose for which age group or profession they want their website to promote.

Socialtrade is a platform where you can earn from ₹50 to 1250 every day(PROOFS), simply by visiting website or liking Facebook page.
100% Genuine 100% Legal and registered company in India and following Legal guidelines.

Joining Plans:-

STP- 10:- It will Cost you 5750*, Validity: 12 Months, You get 500 Likes/Visitors on you Page/Website, Daily Work : 10 Links,  Payment Per Click :₹5.
Income 10x5=50 daily(Approx 13200 per year)

STP- 20:- It will Cost you 11500*, Validity: 12 Months, You get 1000 Likes/Visitors on you Page/Website, Daily Work : 20 Links,  Payment Per Click :₹5.
Income 20X5=100 daily(Approx 26400 per year)

STP- 50:-, It will Cost you ₹28750*, Validity: 12 Months, You get 3000 Likes/Visitors on you Page/Website, Daily Work : 50 Links,  Payment Per Click :₹5.
Income 50X5=250 daily(Approx 66000 per year)

STP- 100:-, It will Cost you 57500*, Validity: 12 Months, You get 6000 Likes/Visitors on you Page/Website, Daily Work : 125 Links,  Payment Per Click :₹5.
Income 125X5=625 daily(Approx 165000 per year)

You can Also Promote your Business on their website as you get different no of visitors to your website as per your selected plan.
Note :-
(1) Each Pack valid for 12 Months.
(2) You won't get any Link on Saturday and Sunday. 
(3) Facebook account is required.
(4) All Payments are maid using bank account only and PAN Card is Required
(5) Only One ID per Pan Card is allowed.

Marketing strategy :-

Now You can Maximize you income with below Marketing Strategies if you want.
A) Booster Income:
If you make two joining of same Plan as yours (One Each Side, left and right), Then you will get Double Links and your Per Day Income will be Doubled.
e.g , After Booster you get.
1. 5750= 10*2 Links, daily 20x5=Rs 100 daily(Approx 26400 per year)
2. 11450=20*2 Links daily, 40X5=Rs 200 daily(Approx 52800 per year)
3. 28625= 50*2 Links daily, 100X5=Rs 500 daily(Approx 132000 per year)
4. 57250=125*2 Links daily 250X5=Rs 1250 daily(Approx 330000 per year)

(B) Binary Income:
For Each 1:1 Matching you get 8%.
You will get 8% of the Matching bonus from your left and right.
If you make Rs 10,000/-  business on your left and right then you will get Rs 800/-
Same way if you make Rs 50,000 /- business on both left and right side, you will get Rs. 4,000/-

Note :-
There is a weekly capping for each pack as below.
1. 5725 - ₹50,000
2. 11,450 - ₹1,00,000
3. 28,625 - ₹2,00,000
4. 57,250 - ₹2,00,000

(C) Monthly Rewards:
10 BV L : 10 BV R = LDP
25 BV L : 25 BV R = Tablet
50 BV L : 50 BV R = Foreign Trip
And on and on..............
Note :-  10,000₹ business is called 1 BV

(D) Royalty Income:
500 BV L : 500 BV R = 50,000/- pm
2000 BV L : 2000 BV R =1,00,000/- pm
5000 BV L : 5000 BV R = 2,00,000/-pm
10000 BV L :10000 BV R = 5,00,000/- pm
25000 BV L : 25000 BV R =10,00,000/-pm
Royalty Income is Per month for 1 Year.


Daily, Weekly and Monthly.
10% TDS will be deducted from the income you get.
Payout will go direct to your linked bank. (Check my Payout Here)
Note:- For Daily payout 5% , Weekly Payout 3% and Monthly Payout 1%  Admin fees will be charged extra.

How to SignUp:-

Sponser id- 61054175
For More Details Contact

Sanjeev Saini (+919540494999)
Or Visit Our FB Page.