What is SocialTrade?

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Social Media exchange is a unique concept of online Barter system which creates a win-win situation for users. On one hand, it allows you to increase your social penetration and internet popularity while on the other, you get paid for promoting others on social media, which implies a user is both a consumer and service provider. Social Trade believe that every opinion counts, and thus, we provide you coins on sharing your experience as a customer.

Social Trade is a Social Media exchange portal brought to you by Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited.  Ablaze has been constantly working in the direction of bridging the gap between web and paper. This is another shot by Ablaze to narrow in this gap and move from paper based promotions to online.
Social Trade is a social media exchange portal under the aegis of Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited. We have been constantly working on bridging the gap between internet world and the common man, and Social Trade is yet another initiative in this direction.

Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited is a pioneer in Information Technology. We have an industry presence of 5 years. Also, we are an ISO certified company. We are both a client servicing as well as a product company. Our vision is to provide you nothing but the best of services.

Our team in an amalgam of diverse professionals including top notch executives, industry known technocrats, high profile advocates, renowned charted accountants, successful doctors and marketers. Coming from various professions adds more challenges to our motto of bringing new concepts over internet and make things easier for our customers.

We feel we ourselves are our biggest competitor, and thus, we strive to outrun our previous work every time with new concepts. We believe in making things simple which is reflected in our designs too.

In the league of becoming the best service provider in the IT Industry, Ablaze Info Solutions Private Limited also have below portals in different domains which allow us to capture different consumer base.
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2. Ablaze ERP (ERP for Industries)
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Our vision is to be recognized globally in IT-Services & Products Company. At Ablaze, the only thing constant is ‘Change’. Our theory is ‘Change/Innovation is the necessity of hour’, and thus, we are constantly focusing on innovating. We believe in bringing to our customers nothing less than the best technology. We consider it our responsibility to make great products and whatever it takes, we always fulfil our responsibility. Turning complex stuff simpler is our mission, and we grow in this direction hand in hand with our employees and customers with simpler and intuitive designs, customer friendly interfaces and a personal touch to each customer. We will always work on digitizing paper work and bringing ease to all. Our approach is simple - to design something we'd LOVE to use ourselves. Therefore we listen and take the time to understand our users and take their reactions most seriously. Our strongest belief is ‘excellence’. We cannot deliver anything but excellent products and services to the customers.

We will also inspire our employees to be the best they can be and develop an employee friendly culture within the organization so that the employees grow and we grow with them.